Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Part of me is dreading Christmas. With Steve's hospitalizations in the past 2 years we owe money to the hospitals and doctors. We have to register our car in December also. I was hoping that I would get overtime since half my department is out on maternity leave (both left in October), but so far no overtime. If I don't get any overtime then we will most likely have a small Christmas for Hunter. If it wasn't for Hunter I wouldn't care, but I am afraid that he'll be upset that Santa came to his mom's house but not his dad's house.
I hate being broke!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are you for ReAL?

Steve, Hunter and I went to a ReAL game tonight. It was the playoffs and unfortunately the game ended in a tie so ReAL is not moving on. :( It was a really good game, or at least I think it was. We couldn't see very well. We were on the third row near the goal on the North East side of the stadium. The people in the first and second rows only sat down during halftime! For most of the game I had to watch the Video Screen. It was so annoying. Poor Hunter couldn't hardly see anything. The people in front of us also continually swore. They would boo the other team at certain points of the game and then when the team would kick the ball they crowd near us would end the booing with @$$hole. They would also chant "Bull$&!*" I also heard F-Bombs, the Lord's name in vain, the P word and many others. I would have enjoyed the game much more if we had sat by more civilized people. Oh Yeah! They also continually flipped off the other team and the refs. It was annoying!!! Steve was getting upset since Hunter couldn't see for most of the game.

The night started out better though. We met Steve's brothers and their wives (Brad and Camille and the newlyweds Eric and Brittney) at a Chinese Restaurant in Salt Lake City, called "Little World" It's just off of State Street and 13th South. It really looks like a hole in the wall but the food is AWESOME!!!! Eric was able to speak some Chinese (and even a little Cantonese) with our waitress.We got six entrees to share between the seven of us and we had plenty to take home. It only cost a total of $65 before tip! Brad said that he and Camille had recently gone to "The Mandarin" Chinese restaurant in Bountiful and it had been over $90 for the 4 of them!

We actually walked to the ReAL game from our place. Eric and Brittney carpooled with Brad and Millie and they parked at our apartment complex so we could save money and time on parking near the stadium. I am SOOOO out of shape that the walk there was difficult. I have asthma that isn't too bad but is aggravated when I exercise. I haven't seen my Asthma and Allergy doctor recently and don't have a rescue inhaler (I've never needed it before). I needed it tonight and luckily my husband has the same type of inhaler my Doctor had prescribed for me so I used it and it helped my lungs feel MUCH better. The walk home was much easier than the walk there though.

It was a good night and now I'm exhausted. Good night and don't forget to set your clock back an hour.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stressed doesn't even begin to cover how I'm feeling right now.....

I am getting so stressed at work. My department has four Analysts (which I am one) and one Supervisor. Two of my co-workers are pregnant and due a week apart. That day is fast approaching. Patti has scheduled her appointment to be induced on October 19th. Cas is due on October 17th, but I have no idea if she has scheduled her appointment yet. When they both go out on Maternity leave it will be just Barbara and I and unless we get overtime I will go bonkers!

Steve and I just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary! We went to Castle Creek Bed and Breakfast in Sandy Utah. It was awesome. We stayed in the Canterbury suite and even though it was one of the smaller rooms it was wonderful. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then went back to Castle Creek. We wanted to be able to stay in each of the 10 rooms by our 5th anniversary, but we still have 2 rooms to go and I doubt we will be able to go as often as we have in the past. We may not be able to go back to Castle Creek for awhile. Not because we don't love the place. We do! I love giving it free publicity and I tell everyone I know about it. We may not be able to go since it costs so much for one night and we need to pay off some bills.

It only took us about 18 months to get the bill with Lakeview Hospital worked out. When Steve was admitted to Lakeview at the end of 2008 he was there for over 2 weeks. The insurance denied the last few days, but as per their contract with the hospital, we were only responsible for our copay/deductible/coinsurance for those denied days. Lakeview sent us a bill shortly after he got home for over $8,000! Then we tried to show the hospital that we only owed about $1,000. They eventually said we owed over $12,000! I worked with the insurance company (luckily I work for the medical insurance and have contacts at the Mental Health insurance) and we finally got a bill showing we only owe $880! Steve called them and asked if we can pay it in installments. We now pay less than $80 a month and in one year we will have that paid off. It will make us so happy to have that over and done with. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair, tv, polygamy....and life

I am a head sweater. That does not mean that my head is shaped like a sweater or my hair looks like a sweater. When I sleep at night, if it's too hot, I sweat and my hair gets and sweaty and gross. My mom tells me it's from her side of the family. Darn them! 

Now my head is sweating when I get hot and I'm not sleeping. I absolutely hate it when I take the time and energy to straighten my naturally curly hair and then I start sweating from my head and my hair starts going curly. I HATE IT!!!!

On the topic of hating my hair...I also sometimes have polygamous hair. At least my bangs. Sometimes if I let my hair air dry my bangs go into a style similar to what you see the "typical" sister wife and the daughters do with their hair. 

Does this secretly mean that I was meant to be a sister wife? Steve can handle me most of the time, but if he got another wife I doubt he could handle both of us! I can barely handle myself sometimes. I don't think I would be well suited to be the first (or second, third, etc.) wife of a polygamous. I have a little too much jealousy in me and I would be green with envy with thoughts of the other wives spending time with my husband.

We just switched from Comcast to Direct Tv. We used to have Direct Tv when we lived in Bountiful and Ogden but when we moved to Sandy we decided to change since we had to go through a different company (middle man) to set up Direct Tv here and they wanted to charge us a $200 installation fee. We changed to Comcast and got an awesome deal. Well, the Comcast 1 year deal expired this month and our price doubled. DOUBLED? Yes! We went from $85 a month to $170 a month. Steve called and asked what the best deal was and they said with a lower internet speed (we had tv and internet through them) and only basic cable channels it would still be $145 a month. Direct Tv gave us a free install, $75 a month for 6 months for satellite and Qwest DSL and in 6 months the price rises only about $25. 
The guy is here right now installing our Direct Tv. Now I have to program this DVR with all my shows that I want to record. At least most of my shows aren't showing new episodes yet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hard thing to do

Steve and I asked our Bishop tonight if we could be released from our calling as Webelos Leaders. The Bishop agreed with us and we will be released on Sunday. The Bishop said that he has had a feeling that Steve and I need to teach a class, but he didn't elaborate on which class we would teach. He told us that it wouldn't be now but might be soon.

Steve and I have been inactive for over eight months. It seems to be a pattern of moving to a new place and going to church every week for the first 4-8 months and then becoming inactive. I'm not sure why we don't go. Our Ward meets at 1 and Steve sometimes sleeps in until 11 or 12 and then we just sit around and not go.

Part of the reason may be because I have been exhausted for the past three or four months (no, I'm not pregnant - not sure the reason for my exhaustion). I had an overnight pulse oximetry done and it came back showing that my CPap is still working sufficiently. I'm thinking that it may be partly due to my anemia -I'm very often anemic and can barely donate blood.

We just signed a new 13 month lease with our apartment complex today. Our rent did not increase any and as a bonus for signing a new lease they are going to have our carpets cleaned for free! We really love our place and are glad to be staying here for another year. I love how close it is to my work (when construction isn't closing the road that is the fastest way to work) and how Steve can drive me to work and it's only a 3 mile round-trip!  I also like having a maintenance man who can fix anything that is broken and we don't have to pay for it. We also don't have to mow our lawn or water it either, or clean the pool. It's nice renting!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


July 9th my brother-in-law married his eternal companion in the Bountiful Temple. They had their reception at the MTC park in Ogden, Utah. It was a beautiful day - but VERRRRRYYYY hot, and the whole day was wonderful. After the pictures at the temple that morning (they married at 9) we went back to my in-law's house. Eric and Britney (Bride and Groom) stayed at the temple taking more pictures. At 1 we went to the Timbermine Restaurant for the luncheon. We had BBQ chicken and baked potatoes. It was delicious. Then we went back to my in-laws again where I tried to take a nap and only was able to sleep for about 30 minutes. 
The colors were a bright orange (their father's wore tuxes with orange vest and ties and the brothers (and in-laws) of the bride and groom wore white shirts with black slacks and orange ties), neon pink (all the sisters (and in-laws) of the bride and groom), and lime green (Eric's vest on his tux was in that color and Britney had a sash in that color around her waist). It was so pretty!
They had a photo booth at the entrance of the park. The idea was that you were to get your picture taken in the booth and then they gave you two copies. One went onto a black page that was for their sign in book and the other one was for you to keep. It was the cutest idea for a sign in book I've ever heard of. They had gel pens that you could use to sign the page you put the picture on. 
When we first got to the reception we took more pictures. It was so hot, and even though we were in the shade taking pictures, it was difficult to handle. When we were done with pictures I was walking toward the table and chairs so I could sit down and have something to drink and I walked past the sound system and heard the song by Rascall Flatts "I Melt" and I agreed with the song. I was melting. The refreshments were Lofthouse pink iced cookies and pink, orange and green sherbet. The sherbet was really nice in the heat. 
Once the sun started to set it was much cooler and easier to handle being outside. 
The new Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schultz leaving the Temple.
Cute couple
Britney's parents, Eric & Britney, and Dale and Barbara Schultz all kissing for the camera.
All of the Schultz family except for Carrie's husband Tim and all the grandsons
The groom's parents (Dale and Barbara - my in-laws), the Groom and Bride and the Bride's parents at the luncheon
Back of Britney's dress
The front of Britney's dress
The Schultz's at the reception
The cake
My niece Violet came to the reception with my mom and my sister (no pictures of either of them since they didn't want their pictures taken)
My coursage
Britney in the car as Eric is getting in and they are off for their wedding night at the Alaskan Inn and the next day they were off to Florida for a week.

It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy that Eric was able to marry his eternal companion. Now all of Steve's siblings are married. Carrie and Tim married on April 5, 2006, Steve and I married in September 20, 2006. Lisa and Cody married in May 30, 2008; Brad and Camille married in June 11, 2008. Now Eric and Britney married on July 9, 2010. That's five kids married in four years.

I am such a horrible blogger!

Hunter swimming in Jackson Lake, Wyoming.
I haven't posted anything for so long, I feel horrible. I've had a lot to write about but I would forget when I got home from work or got onto my computer.
We had Hunter for a four-week period starting on July 16th. We picked him up that morning and the drive to Driggs, Idaho to stay with Steve's sister - Carrie, and her family for the night. My mother-in-law and father-in-law came up shortly after we got there and the my sister-in-law Lisa and her husband Cody got there a few hours later. I always have so much fun going to their house to visit. Because of the full house (and only one guest room which my mother-in-law and father-in-law slept in) we slept in the unfinished basement on the floor. Luckily my parents gave Steve and I air mattresses for Christmas so we didn't have to sleep on the hard cement floor.
The next day we went to Coulter Bay campgrounds in the Grand Teton National Park. Dale, Barbara (Steve's parents), Steve, Hunter and I got a two room cabin to stay in. Lisa and Cody, Brad and Camille, and Carrie and her boys (Daniel, William and James) all got their own tent cabins. Every night we sat around the campfire and had dinner and dessert and then would go to bed. One day we went to a Native American Museum at Coulter Bay and they have all these old items from the Native Americans who previoulsy lived in the area. They had clothing (the baby moccassins were adorable), weapons, jewelry. They also had a Native American artist there selling items. It was a Lokotan woman from South Dakota who brought her father's painting (beautiful, but I couldn't part with the money to buy one since they were all over $100) and handmade jewelry. There was one item that caught my eye. I have a thing for dragonflies - not totally sure what started it but I love them, I also love the color purple. Can you see where I'm going? She had made a beautiful purple beaded necklace with a dragonfly on it. I had to buy it and it was only $20!
We had a lot of fun and didn't want to leave when we did, but I had to return to work on Tuesday, so we packed up and left on Monday afternoon. Hopefully next year we can stay as long as everyone else did.
Pops with all his grandkids Willie, James, Hunter and Daniel.
Gramee and Pops with all their grandkids. Pops is holding James and Gramee is holding Willie. Hunter is behind Daniel.
Barbara and Dale wading in the COLD Jackson Lake
Hunter decided to join Gramee and Pops for a swim.
This is the "beach" of Jackson Lake. You have to wear shoes on the beach and in the water or these rocks will hurt your feet.
Willie getting something to eat from mommy.
Uncle Steve holding James
Wondering how you can have eight month old twin boys camping? Bring a prison a makeshift playpen for them to play in. My mother-in-law thought of this since a normal playpen would be too small.
James wants to get out of the playpen. Doesn't he have a cute smile?
Uncle Brad helping Daniel play on the Tent Cabin beams.
Standing on Jackson Beach, this was my view of the Teton Mountains.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sometimes I wish I lived in a world that is okay with you breaking out into song at any time. Basically I wish I lived in "Glee land". I love the show and am currently addicted to it. The music is awesome, the actors are really good, the music is the best!!!!

There have been a few times that I have felt like just singing a song, but every time that happens I am not able to since I am at work or somewhere that people would stare. Maybe I will next time I get the urge.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BIG Phobia

I have a phobia that I am going to have to face tomorrow morning. I have dental phobia and I am having a root canal tomorrow morning. I've had people asking me what happened in the past that caused me to have this dental phobia and I can't recall any specific event. I can remember growing up and having bad teeth so I had to have a lot of cavities filled. It may be hearing the sound of the drill when I was having the cavity fixed. It could have been the needle that was used to inject the novacaine, who really knows.
Since turning 18 I have avoided the dentist as much as possible. At first my excuse was that I had no dental insurance. Then when I got dental insurance I thought that I was okay so I didn't need to see the Dentist. Then about 5 years ago I made an appointment for a cleaning and then ended up having some cavities filled and a root canal done. Then I stopped going to the Dentist, and this was about the time that I started dating Steve.
I've been avoiding the Dentist still but now I can't procrastinate any longer. I have a tooth on my bottom left side of my mouth that is broken, sensitive to heat and cold and painful the chew food with. Then on the bottom right side I have a tooth that is also broken (but not as bad as the left side) and it has recently become sensitive to heat and cold (still not as bad as the left tooth) and painful to chew food with.
I made an appointment with a Dentist and went for the visit this past Monday. They did x-rays and checked my teeth and told me that both problem teeth need root canals done on them and that I should do them about 2 weeks apart. Then he asked if I wanted the cleaning done that day since they would be putting cold water and bursts of air during the cleaning on my teeth - which may hurt the two that need the work. I agreed to wait until after the root canals are completed so that the cleaning wont hurt. If the routine cleaning hurts then I may be more unlikely to return for the routine services that I need to do.
Wish me luck...I'll be nervous/scared/terrified/weepy/anxious/etc. tomorrow until the root canal is completed.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a night!

I went out to dinner tonight with my best friend, Andrea. We went to the Cheesecake Factory (it was awesome). On the way out we both needed to stop at the restroom. I held our take home food while Andrea went to the bathroom and then she held them while I went. Right as I'm about to wipe the lady in the stall next to me starts barfing!!! I have a weak stomach and I had a difficult time not barfing too. I couldn't get out of that bathroom fast enough.

Since Andrea and I had gone out Steve decided to stay overnight at his parent's house (he was up in Ogden picking up Hunter for our weekend). After dinner I decided that we shouldn't see a movie tonight like we had planned. Andrea has to work tomorrow morning at 5:30 and we were at dinner later than I expected. I got home a little after 8 and decided that I didn't want to spend the night alone so I called up my sister and invited her over. Within a 90 minutes Missee and Violet were at my house to hang out with me. We started out by watching "17 Again" (Missee actually said Zac Efron was hot!!!!) and now we're watching "Hush" - 2 movies we watched last time she spent the night! Boy we are predictable but at least we're having fun.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two years (warning - may be disturbing)

Two years ago today, I spent most of the day in the ER at Lakeview Hospital. Two years and 1 day ago I was pregnant with my first child, the next day I wasn't. It was a very hard thing for me to go through. I almost bled to death and they were going to give me a transfusion but they didn't have to (luckily).

I woke up that morning and noticed that I was bleeding a lot. I woke up Steve and we drove to the hospital (with me sobbing the entire way). I called work before we left home to leave a message for my boss to let her know I would not be in that day. Once in the ER I had to change into a gown and when I took my pants off more blood fell out (it had been sitting in my garments). That only made me dry harder and Steve went to get someone to help. I called my mom and told her that I was losing the baby and then I couldn't handle talking anymore so I said good-bye and hung up.

They had me have an ultrasound so they could see what was left in the uterus. Then the ER Doctor came and examined me and said that the uterus was closed so they would just have the OB on call check me out and then I could go home. Even though they told me I could go home they wouldn't let me eat or drink anything just in case I needed surgery. My mom and dad came to the ER right after my ultrasound. My dad stayed for about 10-20 minutes and then left to go back to work.

The OB came in and saw me and said everything looked good. He checked the ultrasound report and said that it looked like everything was okay so I would be able to go home soon. He also asked me who my OB was and I explained that my OB left her practice to go to the U of U and she was no longer seeing patients (I think she was doing research and or teaching). He told me that he would be my doctor if I wanted to see him. Prior to this I had only seen female OBs and had a thing against seeing a male OB. Dr. Ward changed my mind about that. I really liked him and he is now my OB, even though he is located in Bountiful and I live in Sandy (hopefully the 20 minute drive wont be hard when I'm in labor).

Right before they were going to send me home I sat up in the hospital bed (I had been laying back trying to be as comfortable as possible). I felt a gush of blood coming out and started feeling dizzy. Dr. Ward told me that I looked really pale (a real feat for me as I am usually pale). He decided at that time that (since the bleeding hadn't stopped) I would need a D&C. Luckily I hadn't had anything to eat or drink and the OR had an opening so they could get me in for the surgery within 20 minutes.

I was taken to the OR and put under anesthesia, the next thing I knew I was being moved from the operating table to the hospital bed. They wheeled me to the recovery room where I stayed for a little bit - until I stopped feeling groggy from the anesthesia. Then I was taken to a Same Day Surgery room where Steve and my mom were waiting. Dr. Ward had talked to them after the surgery was completed (and I was still waking up) and told them that there was an orange peel-like thing still in my uterus and that was why I was still bleeding. My body was trying to expel it but since it wouldn't come out I continued to bleed.

After being in the room for a little bit the nurse came in and gave me something to eat (small package of graham crakers) and a drink. Then she asked if I needed to use the bathroom and I did so I got up and walked to the bathroom. Then I got dressed and they let me go home.

When we got home, around 3, there was a basket of flowers on our doorstep from my co-workers (I called my boss while in the ER and let her know what was going on). I walked to the couch and sat down as Steve asked me what I needed. I needed a shower and food. I took a shower and then my mom and Missee came over (with Violet, even though Missee was afraid it would be hard for me to see a baby like Violet). Steve left then and went to Wendy's to get us something to eat. It was so nice to have actual food after so long.

This all happened on a Monday and I didn't go back to work until Thursday or Friday of that same week. I was only about 11 weeks along, not even through the first trimester. After experiencing that I am afraid I wont be able to get pregnant again, or if I do - that I'll have another miscarriage. I guess Steve and I will just have to take that chance.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I really need to stop watching TLC's "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant"

Late last month I was having symptoms of pregnancy and so I waited to miss my period so I could take a test and find out for sure. Then my period started and I was a little let down. I so want to be pregnant but alas, not yet.

Then I watched a few episodes of TLC's "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" and it REALLY confused me. Many of the women on the show still had their "period" while pregnant and didn't have any other symptoms. One of the girls even took a pregnancy test that should have been positive but was not. The only excuse that have for that she may have taken the test very late in the day - which could show a false negative. They said the first morning urine is the best to use since it has the most hormones in it.

What if I was currently six months pregnant and not know it? I could just imagine calling my boss, Roxane, and telling her that I can't come in to work today since I just had a baby! I would think that any boss would think the person was lying to get out of working that day. It would be easier to call in dead. ;) It's funny that sometimes on that show the girl has to call her husband/boyfriend/sperm donor to let them know she just had their baby. Calling their family would be very entertaining. I wish I could listen in to those calls.

I can just imagine if someone close to me called to tell me that they just gave birth and they had no clue they were pregnant. If they had no symptoms and didn't gain any weight so you wouldn't think of them being pregnant.

It's an entertaining show though. You should watch it some time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another girl's night (plus Steve)

Missee and Violet came over tonight for another sleep over. I am in heaven!!

We went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner (YUMM!) and then to Target so I could pick up a prescription and get some treats for tonight. We spent over an hour there! I got my prescription, got a treat (dinner and dessert at Mimi's filled me up too much that I didn't really want anything except raspberry sherbet). We walked around looking at things, somethings Missee wanted to buy and a few things I impulsively bought for Violet (A Princess Tiana - Princess and the Frog - doll, a Princess and the Frog coloring book, and some stickers).
When we got home Missee picked out a movie for us to watch - "The Others" (Nicole Kidman movie) and then after that was over we watched "Hush" (Gwenyth Paltrow, Jessica Lange and Johnathon Schaech). That just got over so Missee let me pick the movie. I picked "The Lake House" (Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves).

We just filed out taxes and should be getting our refund soon. When we get our refund we're paying some bills and I'm getting an IPod! My Zune broke a few months ago I was going to get an IPod then but couldn't afford to get one right then. So since then I have had to revert to using my old Sony AM/FM/CD Walkman and........CDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm debating between a 32 or 64 gig IPod Touch, but not sure yet.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Long week, even though I only worked four days

This has been a crazy week at work. One of my co-workers was out Tuesday through Thursday and another had today off and all next week too. With only 4 people in our department having one of us gone is a huge thing. So much stuff going on at work, we are sooo busy. I still love my job and my co-workers.
Tonight my sister is coming over for a girls night. We haven't had a girls night with just the two of us for soo long (if we ever have had one - I can't remember). I love my family (including my in-laws).

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's been awhile.....

Because of computer problems (laptop's cord stopped working and I had to wait to get a new one) I haven't been able to post anything. Now I can!!!

Steve and I just spent this weekend in Idaho with his sister's family. We visited Carrie, Tim, Daniel and the newborn twins James and William. Steve and I got to hold babies A LOT!!! I loved it and it made my baby hungriness a little bit worse. Carrie and Tim have both threatened not to let us go home since we are helping them a lot. Daniel and Hunter have been playing a lot but last night Hunter got overwhelmed with Daniel. Every time Hunter tried to sit down and relax Daniel would sit on him, climb on top to hug him, or do something else that annoyed Hunter. If Carrie asked Daniel to leave Hunter alone for a little bit Daniel would start crying. It was soo cute! I felt bad for Hunter though, he's not used to having someone try to spend every waking second with him trying to play with him, sit on him, or annoy him.

Driggs Idaho is such a small town, I don't think I could survive living in such a small town. Carrie and Tim love it. My mom's best friend, Louise, lives in Terreton Idaho which is even smaller than Driggs. I enjoy living in such a big town. I love living within 10 minutes of a mall, movie theater, grocery store, gas station, work, and the freeway. My mom could live in a small town, but my dad wouldn't be able to so they wont ever move to a small town.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A funny thing that happened tonight.....

Steve and I spent part of the day at my parent's house with my sister and her friend. We watched "Twilight" and talked, it was so much fun.

Steve and I left around 8 and since we had been gone the whole day I decided to get the mail. I noticed that I had something from my OB/GYN's office and it looked like a check. I was excited thinking of getting some extra money. The check was for $0.03! It cost about 10 times more than that to mail the dang thing to us. I figured that I didn't need to be in a rush to cash it since it was for a small amount and so I don't think that I will cash it. The teller gets paid more money in the time it takes to cash the check than the check is actually worth. I really don't need the money, especially since it's not even close to being a dollar. At least I could buy something off the dollar menu at McDonald's or Burger King. I can't even find a penny gumball machine so I could get three gumballs.

At least it made me laugh.