Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day was awesome with my hubby. First I went to work and then physical therapy (for my hip). I got home, sore, tired and hungry. I walked in and Steve had bought a dozen red roses and had them on a vase on the kitchen table. Then he had set the table for dinner - home made lasagna! We ate that and had salad to go with it. Dessert was a slice of strawberry cheesecake - one of my favorites!

It was a nice night - and I'm a horrible wife who didn't get Steve a gift or even a card! I was planning on getting something that night (since we had money) but was way too tired to do anything after physical therapy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


About once a month since August I have gotten sick on a Saturday morning. I usually get a fever of over 102, weakness and a cough. My lungs hurt if I try to breath to deeply. Then by the afternoon or Sunday morning I feel better. I talked to my PCP about it and she had no clue. It always happens on a Saturday and ruins our plans for the weekend.
Because of the lung issues it has caused, I started seeing a Pulmonologist to have my lungs checked out. So far, all the test have come back normal. I have a few more tests and hopefully by then we will have an idea what is going on.
I've already met my $1,500 deductible for the year so now I just need to meet the $3.000 out of pocket! Well, I am on my way!