Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not your "normal" name dropping.....

I used to watch "Seinfeld" back in the day. I'm not a huge fan of the show anymore. There are only a few shows that I can watch over and over again, and "Seinfeld" is not one of them. But, there is one thing I like about "Seinfeld" and that is the nicknames he gives people. "Soup Nazi", "Close Talker", etc. In honor of Seinfeld I have chosen a nickname for a type of person I have come into contact with recently.

"Name Dropper"

This is not a person who drops the name of a celebrity they allegedly know, but the person who drops names of people you don't know. For instance:

A "Name Dropper" may tell a story like this:
"So, Suzanne just had her third child and Robert was upset that he and Jessica were not invited to the blessing. Kent and Robert had a falling out recently so Suzanne didn't invite Robert to the blessing. Gerald is trying to smooth things over between Kent and Robert but Liza keeps trying to get him to leave things alone." or "Heath was recently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Trent and Clark don't believe in mental illness so they treat him badly. Amanda has been with Heath since the beginning and is very supportive. I told Trent and Clark that they really need to take the NAMI "Family to Family" class so they could learn more about mental illness. Hopefully I can get them to come to the class with me next week. I may even convince Melanie to come too!"

Now, normally a story like this wouldn't bother me, but in the case of a "Name Dropper" I have no clue who Suzanne, Robert, Kent, Jessica, Gerald, Liza, Heath, Trent, Clark or Melanie are and the person talking to me gives no information on how they relate to them.

Unfortunately, I'm too shy and embarrassed to call them out on the fact that I HAVE NO CLUE WHO THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!