Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter saga

I was one of the MILLIONS of people who saw "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I went with my mom, sister Missee, niece Hailey and Missee's friend Stacey. We went to Jordan Commons in Sandy to see it, and they had a party beforehand that was supposed to be Hogsmeade. The Hogle Zoo was there with some animals (I saw a snake --EWWWW and an owl - really cute owl that lost one eye while in the wild and was resuced by the Zoo). There were people who had tables set up who were selling "wands", charms, buttons and more. They had a room wherer you could buy butterbeer (cream soda with butterschotch) and cauldron cakes (chocolate hostess type cakes).

I really wished I had taken my camera as there were so many cute and funny costumes that people were wearing. There was a girl who wearing all gold and then had a swimmers cap on (also gold) that had some small wings on it - she was the golden snitch. She was with a guy who was wearing a normal outfit but had felt letters going sideways down his shirt that said firebolt. Then he had on these elastic grass "skirts" that went around each leg. It was HILARIOUS!!!!

The movie was AWESOME!!!!!! It was soo good and I am so excited for the two movies about the seventh book. It should be really good. I did cry - A LOT - at the end of the sixth movie. Even though the movie was not extremely close to the book and there were a few things I wished they had done differently in the movie.

The movie started at 12:20 am and it got out around 3 am. We got out of the parking lot pretty quickly and got back to my parent's house by 3:30. When we got to my parent's house we realized that neither Missee, my mom nor I remember to bring keys with us. My dad had locked the door and gone to bed. Missee tried to break in the the house the way my brother's Derek and BJ did when they snuck out while teenagers. Unfortunately one of them damaged the way to sneak in so Missee was not able to get in that way. Luckily my dad heard my mom pounding on the door so he was able to wake up and let us in!

It was a long day that started around 6 am Tuesday morning and ended about 4 am Wednesday morning. I had a hard day Wednesday at work as I had only gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep. It was all worth it -- seeing Harry Potter on opening morning.