Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My life is constantly changing

So Steve and I moved to Ogden last week. We still have many boxes that we haven't even opened. Man.....I love moving! (I really wish I could convey sarcasm through my blog). It took almost an entire day just to move the items from our old place to our new place. It took even longer to pack up everything. We had my mother in law and father in law help us move and then our home teacher from our old ward and some old guy from the ward who was probably about 70 (he did a really good job though, much better than my 30 year old body could do at times) and then the Relief Society president came over after we had started and helped out. We were completely done and on the road to our new place (only about 35-40 miles away) by 2:00. We made it to our new place by 3 which was when some people from our new ward were going to help us out. Now I understand that we had chosen to move on a Monday but we needed help. Steve's mom stayed at our old place to clean it and Steve's dad had done all he could since he has only one good knee (had a total knee replacement done at the beginning of the year and still needs the other knee done) so he went home to rest. It was Steve and I and his grandfather. Luckily by about 4 we had a bunch of guys from the Elders Quorum there to help us out. It was all going well until one of the guys decided to carry a full sized dresser all by himself (I can see where this is going). When he brought it inside the house he put it down and then hurt his knee really badly. We had to call 911 and have an ambulance pick him up. Steve and the other helpers got the truck unloaded and moved in time for the ambulance to pull into the driveway. It turned out that this guy dislocated his knee cap! He went to the ER where they gave him pain medicine and then just popped it back into place.
Our new place is coming along nicely. It's got an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen, and more parking. The bad things about it are the bedrooms are smaller, the dining room is a little smaller. Overall though we love our new place. When we have gotten our place more set up I will try to post some pictures.
Edit: I forgot to add that we had to get rid of Splenda and Sweet Pea. We loved those cats but were unable to find a place that would allow pets. It was really sad to do, but there were some pros to getting rid of them. Less cat hair all over the place, no litter box, no scratching the furniture. Hopefully thy went to good homes.