Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some things about me you may not know.....

I haven't written in a while but I keep coming up with awesome ideas for posts....and then I forget them before I get home and near my computer.

Here are some things about me:

I alphabetize my movies.

I hate my handwriting, and try to write very slowly so that I can try to make it nicer.

I love to read, and sometimes re-read the same books.

I love movies, television, entertainment trivia.

I have worked in the health insurance industry for over 11 years.

I hate long sleeves and if I wear them I push them up above my elbows.

I sweat way too much and even if I straighten my hair I will sweat and cause it to curl again.

I've been watching Days of Our Lives since 1995 and love it!

I love Belle from Beauty and the Beast and collect anything to do with her (including kids toys)

I love magic but only the version on tv. I love "I Dream of Jeannie"; "Bewitched"; "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch"; "Charmed"; "Once Upon a Time" When I was younger I wished I had magical powers so that I could blink/wiggle my nose, and clean my room, or get my annoying brothers to leave me alone.

I have 3 nieces and 8 nephews. 2 nieces and four nephews on my side and 1 niece and 4 nephews on my husband's side.

I met my husband on an online LDS dating site. We were matched up on October 8, 2005; First date was November 5, 2005; engaged on February 14, 2006; and married September 20, 2006.

I became a mother as soon as I got married, a stepmother that is. My stepson was born in 2003 and just turned 10!

My favorite actresses are Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Kate Beckinsale, Catherine Zeta Jones.

My favorite actors are Orlando Bloom, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr., John Cusack.

I still remember my childhood phone number, the number of my best friend, Yasmin, and the number for Derek's best friend Michael.

I am a Utah Jazz fan, Atlanta Braves fan (although I haven't watched baseball forever), I don't care about football but I hate: the Raiders, the Broncos, and the Cowboys. I don't watch hockey or soccer really so I don't have a favorite team.

I suffered a miscarriage at 11 weeks back in 2008. It was my first (and so far, only) pregnancy. I was devastated and it still effects me to this day.

My favorite teacher I ever had was Mrs. Van BLankenstein - my first grade teacher. I loved her so much that I visited her after I left the first grade. The last time I visited her was back in 2002. They recently tore down my elementary school and so I don't have anywhere to go and visit her. I miss seeing her, or at least being able to know where to see her. She was so kind and wonderful. My mom chose for my younger siblings to be in her class when they got to first grade.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was born into the church, and was married in the Salt Lake Temple. Some people call us "Mormons" but I prefer the long name. I love the Gospel and the church is a very important part of my life. If you want to know more about my church please go to www.mormon.org.