Thursday, October 22, 2009

Were my eyes deceivingme?

I was driving home from an appointment with my doctor when I saw the strangest thing. I actually did a double-take. I saw a couple walking their dog (normal right?) the right behind them was a guy walking his.........................................................................................................................................
.................................................................................................................................................................... goat! Weirdest thing I've seen for a while. It actually made me LOL!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One day closer to the weekend....

Steve and I watched tonight's episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" (SYTYCD) and we're so excited about this season! I don't think that out of the dancers who were left, any of my favorites were cut. A lot of the dancers that I liked made it! Steve and I can't wait for the next episode with their first dances.

Steve and I have this fun game we play. We have a small plastic bee that we named "Barnabee." We hide him all over the apartment trying to scare each other. Steve has not gotten me once, yet. I, on the other hand, have gotten him almost every time I've tried. I love it and it makes me laugh when I hear Steve yell a little because he found Barnabee in his bathroom sink. (I found Barnabee in my bathroom sink first but just laughed and put him in Steve's bathroom). Here are a few pictures of Barnabee:

I can't remember where we got Barnabee but we used to have his cousin, a large plastic ant. We never named him but Steve did scare me with it once. I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and it looked like a shadow of an ant and it scared me, but so far that's the only time I've gotten scared. I think the ant started the whole "scare-ing" game we are now playing with Barnabee. I think the ant was thrown out before we moved but somehow the bee came with us. It's nice innocent fun that makes me laugh and Steve laughs too whenever I get him again. Life is good.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too many little time (and talent)

Steve and I just finished watching "Ultimate Cake Off" tonight on TLC. It's a show where three teams of cake decorators make a cake in 9 hours. Tonight they had to make a cake for Ringling Brother's Barnum and Bailey Circus, it had to have all elements of the circus, and be at least 5 feet tall. It was so much fun to watch and see the different types of cakes the teams made. I really wish that I was that artistic that I could make awesome cakes like that.

I also love watching "Ace of Cakes" and seeing the cakes they make. Duff is hilarious and very talented. I want a Charm City cake, but don't want to pay the minimum $1,000 they require for their cakes and I can't go to Baltimore to pick it up and Utah is too far for them to deliver. :(

I've also been finding many blogs dedicated to photography (Sarah's Photography page and another photography page I found) I have a digital camera that is good but probably not good enough to become a photographer. My cute Sony Cyber-shot is a 12.1 megapixel, which was one of the highest megapixel point and shoot cameras I found in my price range. I really would like to have a camera where I can change lenses and actually have more professional looking pictures.

In Steve's family I am the party camerawoman. Since I almost always take my camera with me everywhere I go I can use it to get pictures of someone blowing out candles on their cake, or opening presents. I love taking nature pictures and pictures of weddings, but I'm nowhere close to being able to do this as a side job. Luckily since I've gone to many weddings recently and seen the different photographers styles I have many ideas for if I do ever do it professionally. In one picture at my sister-in-law's wedding she was holding her dad's wallet with credit cards and money fanned out in front and giving her dad a kiss on the cheek while he had a surprised look on his face. It turned out really cute.

There are so many things that I would love to do but unfortunately I don't think I have the talent for even half of my interests. When I was younger I wanted to be an actress (not anymore with the way Hollywood is), a mom (still trying on that one), a writer (still love to write and maybe one day I'll actually finish a whole book), a singer (only in the shower) and a princess (unless Steve's a prince and never told me I don't think that I'll ever be a princess).

Oh yeah! I remember when I was in second grade my teacher (Mrs. Yeck) asked us to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. I drew a picture of me being rich and living in a mansion. That's what I wanted to be, rich. But if you looked at the picture you could see not only myself looking out the window but different people looking out most of the windows. I wanted to be rich and live in a mansion so I could have homeless people live with me. Ahhh, to be a child again and be so sweet and innocent.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Long and busy day

Today Steve and I went to lunch and movie with my best friend, Andrea. We saw "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis. It was really good and we all liked it. Afterward we dropped Andrea off at her car and went to Dollar Tree to buy Halloween decorations. After that we went grocery shopping. When we got home we brought in the groceries and I started pulling the cold stuff out so Steve could put everything in the fridge and freezer. I put a heavy bag with cans of food on top of the stove so Steve could arrange them in the food storage the way he wanted it.

Steve was getting the last few cans out of the bag and he got a scared look on his face as he looked in the bottom of the grocery bag. I figured Steve found something like a dead bug and was going to scare me with it. Then he asked me to look at my wedding ring. This is what I saw:

My wedding ring had broken!!!! Luckily the "bug" I thought Steve was going to scare me with was actually my diamond.

We went to the mall to buy a temporary replacement (fake at "Icing by Claire's) and then bought me some new pants at Lane Bryant.

Hopefully my ring cn be repaired soon...I miss wearing it already.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I hate thinking of titles for my posts

I've been going to physical therapy for a little over a week now and I really like the Physical Therapy office I go to. I kind of don't want to stop going. Everyone in the office is easy to talk to and really nice. I had another PT visit tonight and have another visit on Friday night. Luckily they are close to work and home.

Thursday, October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Everyone is invited to light a candle at 7pm all over the world in loving memory of babies gone too soon and their families. My cousin Emalee lost her baby boy Kenner on November 13, 2008. I lost my baby at 11 weeks back on March 10, 2008. My mom lost my sister Angel at seven months on June 14, 1982. I've known so many people who have lost babies before they were born. I've known a few people who got to keep their babies for a while before they were taken back to heaven. My heart aches for all those people who've lost babies.

I still remember, like it was yesterday, the feelings I had while going through the miscarriage. I kept feeling like it was a dream and everything would be okay and I would go home and still be pregnant. I lost so much blood they almost gave me a blood transfusion. I was so pale, and since I'm already anemic it just made it worse. I wish that no one, including my worst enemy (which I don't really have one, but you know what I mean) would have to suffer through that horrible experience.

One minute you're excited about being a mother, and bringing home your baby to the new nursery (we never got that far) and the next you're mourning the loss of something that can never be replaced. I often think of my miscarriage and wonder if I'm "lucky" to have lost the baby so early in the pregnancy so I had less of a chance of feeling the baby move and bonding with it. On the other hand I hate calling my baby an "It". I wish that I would have known the gender of the baby I lost. I wish I could have given it a name and had something to bury. I need that closure but was unable to get it.

The weird thing about losing the baby so early and not knowing the gender of the baby is that I had a feeling it was a boy and even though we had never thought of it as a name we wanted to name our baby I felt that the baby's name should have been Cameron. No clue why, it's just a feeling.

Don't forget to light a candle tomorrow night at 7 PM. Remember the babies that have been lost.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The weekend is finally here!!!!

I love the weekend and it's finally here!!!

We have Hailey and Jaxon here for a sleepover with Hunter. Hunter really misses his cousins and when we were in Ogden it was difficult to get together with my siblings and their kids. Violet came over for a bit and when it was time for her to leave she didn't want to. Missee had to carry her out the door crying. I so wanted to let her stay the night also, but it wouldn't have worked. I love my nieces and nephews.

I had my third physical therapy appointment today. I love the office that I go to. Even though they make me do exercises that make my ankle hurt, I love them! I enjoy talking with the people that work there. I hope my ankle heals well and I wont have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I often hide it when I'm in pain or sick. I don't want to be a whiner or make people think that I am just wanting attention. I sometimes feel that people think that I'm faking or exaggerating my ankle pain, but it is real. I hope that the pain lessens but that I can continue to go to the PT clinic. One of the Physical Therapist looks like a shorter brunette Andre Kirilenko (Utah Jazz player if you don't know.)

Oh! I'm having a Pampered Chef party on the 15th (I LOVE PAMPERED CHEF!!!) and if you want to come, let me know or you can order online at: and select my name (Raegan Schultz) as the hostess. THANKS!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catching up!!!

I just spent the past 45 minutes or so catching up with two of the coolest people! First I tried calling my friend Sam but got her voicemail. I hate leaving messages (but I hate when people don't leave me a message...go figure) so I hung up and tried calling another friend.

I called Steve's cousin Cheryl, who moved with her husband, Mitch, to Portland in June. She answered and I said 'Hi" and she said "Can I help you?" Then I remembered that I had recently changed my phone number and she didn't know who I was. We laughed about that, but now she has my number. We talked for about 15 minutes catching up. We hadn't talked since they moved to P******d (That place is a swear word for me, sorry about typing it earlier).

Then I was about to turn off my phone when I got a call. It was my really good friend, Samatha (I know it's spelled wrong, I did that on purpose. That's my nickname for her). We talked for about 30 minutes, it was sooooo good to catch up with her. Steve is always telling me how much he likes Sam, which I have to agree. I noticed tonight, after hanging up with Sam, that every time I talk to her I get a huge grin on my face. Sam is just one of the sweetest people I know. I have said for years that if my whole family died I would want Sam's family, the Parker family, to adopt me. I know that I may be too old to be adopted but I would just become a part of their family. Her parents are awesome and so are her siblings. Ryan has been a really good friend to my younger sister, Missee, when she really needed a friend. Breanna has always been a sweetheart. I love Debbie (her mom) and her cute accent. Tex is an awesome home teacher to my family and he has been there for me when I needed a blessing to get through some really hard times, Ammon helped him with the blessing and he's an awesome guy. I don't know Jonathan and Michael as well as the rest of the family, but since their Parkers they have to be awesome!

I am so blessed to have so many good and loyal friends. Those people who stood by me through my miscarriage, Steve's hospitalization, and other hard times in my life.

The best of friends are the ones who make you smile, when you really need to smile, lend you a shoulder to cry on and treat you as if you are family.

Thanks Sam and Cheryl for being true friends.