Saturday, December 17, 2011


My parents decided to do something different for Christmas this year. Normally they spend a lot of money on presents for their 5 kids, 2 in-laws, 1 girlfriend, and 7 grandkids. This year they decided to take us all on a vacation instead.
We were originally going to a cabin in Kamas, Utah. Things fell through with the cabin so we ended up at a house in Highland. The family is out of town for a month and are renting out their house while they are gone. We were only staying for 4 days and 3 nights and someone else is coming after we leave. The house is nice - 5 bedrooms, large kitchen, foosball table, large backyard, but my dad was freaked out the entire time that one of the grandkids was going to ruin something.
We have had so much fun and unfortunately Steve, Hunter and I have to leave tomorrow night to take Hunter home. Hunter has to go to school this week until the 22nd. My nieces and nephews are out of school already, but Hunter has to go until Thursday. It sucks that he has to go to school for most of the week before Christmas when all of his cousins (on my side) are already done with school until January.