Monday, October 27, 2008

Long commute!

I start off my weekday mornings at four am. I get ready for work and leave my house around 4:45 to drive to the Frontrunner station (the commuter rail in northern Utah) . The train leaves around 5:08 and I get to Salt Lake City at 6:05. Then I get on Trax (Lightrail system in Salt Lake City area) and take it all the way down to Sandy and arrive there about 6:50. Then I get on a bus at 7:00 and it drops me off in across the street from my work at about 7:15. It takes about 2 and a half hours to get to work every day. Most people think I'm crazy for agreeing to take public transit, but I actually enjoy it. I don't have to deal with/worry about crazy Utah drivers, I wont have to drive in the snow and ice, I get time to relax on my way home and I can use my computer and access the internet on the commuter train since they have wifi. The only downside is that i spend less time with my husband. We mostly see each other on weekends and my schedule makes it difficult for us to keep trying for a baby. We're making time though since both of us really want a baby. I should be arriving at my station (I'm on Frontrunner right now) in about 20 minutes (7:00) so I better go. I'll try posting again soon.