Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Part of me is dreading Christmas. With Steve's hospitalizations in the past 2 years we owe money to the hospitals and doctors. We have to register our car in December also. I was hoping that I would get overtime since half my department is out on maternity leave (both left in October), but so far no overtime. If I don't get any overtime then we will most likely have a small Christmas for Hunter. If it wasn't for Hunter I wouldn't care, but I am afraid that he'll be upset that Santa came to his mom's house but not his dad's house.
I hate being broke!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are you for ReAL?

Steve, Hunter and I went to a ReAL game tonight. It was the playoffs and unfortunately the game ended in a tie so ReAL is not moving on. :( It was a really good game, or at least I think it was. We couldn't see very well. We were on the third row near the goal on the North East side of the stadium. The people in the first and second rows only sat down during halftime! For most of the game I had to watch the Video Screen. It was so annoying. Poor Hunter couldn't hardly see anything. The people in front of us also continually swore. They would boo the other team at certain points of the game and then when the team would kick the ball they crowd near us would end the booing with @$$hole. They would also chant "Bull$&!*" I also heard F-Bombs, the Lord's name in vain, the P word and many others. I would have enjoyed the game much more if we had sat by more civilized people. Oh Yeah! They also continually flipped off the other team and the refs. It was annoying!!! Steve was getting upset since Hunter couldn't see for most of the game.

The night started out better though. We met Steve's brothers and their wives (Brad and Camille and the newlyweds Eric and Brittney) at a Chinese Restaurant in Salt Lake City, called "Little World" It's just off of State Street and 13th South. It really looks like a hole in the wall but the food is AWESOME!!!! Eric was able to speak some Chinese (and even a little Cantonese) with our waitress.We got six entrees to share between the seven of us and we had plenty to take home. It only cost a total of $65 before tip! Brad said that he and Camille had recently gone to "The Mandarin" Chinese restaurant in Bountiful and it had been over $90 for the 4 of them!

We actually walked to the ReAL game from our place. Eric and Brittney carpooled with Brad and Millie and they parked at our apartment complex so we could save money and time on parking near the stadium. I am SOOOO out of shape that the walk there was difficult. I have asthma that isn't too bad but is aggravated when I exercise. I haven't seen my Asthma and Allergy doctor recently and don't have a rescue inhaler (I've never needed it before). I needed it tonight and luckily my husband has the same type of inhaler my Doctor had prescribed for me so I used it and it helped my lungs feel MUCH better. The walk home was much easier than the walk there though.

It was a good night and now I'm exhausted. Good night and don't forget to set your clock back an hour.