Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sometimes life can SUCK!!

I recently found out that Steve's cousin is pregnant with her second child. She and her husband already have a one year old son and are having another boy in September! 

My first cousin once removed is also pregnant. I am so excited for Emalee since she lost her son almost two and a half years ago. If anyone deserves to be pregnant - it's her.

Missee's really close friend, Stacey, who is also my adopted younger sister is also expecting. 

My friend Beth is due in June with a little girl. 

My friend Sam and her husband are having their third child sometime soon. 

Another one of Steve's cousins, who I became REALLY close to after Steve and I were married and she and her husband moved to Ogden (then they moved to the "P" swear word). She just posted on Facebook that she is having a girl. 

That is a total of 6 people I know of that are expecting - not even counting all my facebook friends (more like acquaintances) that are expecting. 

It's making me depressed and then when I realize that I'm depressed when I should be happy and excited for my friends and family - it makes me even more depressed.

Neither Steve nor I have been checked for fertility issues, but we haven't been able to consistently try to get pregnant for over a year (with Steve's hospitalizations and other reasons). If we did have fertility issues, I don't know what we would do. We cannot afford fertility treatments and my insurance doesn't cover it. 

Sometimes life sucks.