Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sometimes life can SUCK!!

I recently found out that Steve's cousin is pregnant with her second child. She and her husband already have a one year old son and are having another boy in September! 

My first cousin once removed is also pregnant. I am so excited for Emalee since she lost her son almost two and a half years ago. If anyone deserves to be pregnant - it's her.

Missee's really close friend, Stacey, who is also my adopted younger sister is also expecting. 

My friend Beth is due in June with a little girl. 

My friend Sam and her husband are having their third child sometime soon. 

Another one of Steve's cousins, who I became REALLY close to after Steve and I were married and she and her husband moved to Ogden (then they moved to the "P" swear word). She just posted on Facebook that she is having a girl. 

That is a total of 6 people I know of that are expecting - not even counting all my facebook friends (more like acquaintances) that are expecting. 

It's making me depressed and then when I realize that I'm depressed when I should be happy and excited for my friends and family - it makes me even more depressed.

Neither Steve nor I have been checked for fertility issues, but we haven't been able to consistently try to get pregnant for over a year (with Steve's hospitalizations and other reasons). If we did have fertility issues, I don't know what we would do. We cannot afford fertility treatments and my insurance doesn't cover it. 

Sometimes life sucks.


  1. hey sweetie,
    I am so sorry your feeling so down!

    I know it is hard for you..

    It is hard to celebrate a new baby when someone you love wants a baby so bad.

    love you cousin!!..

  2. <3 You can start off small. with you since steve has had hunter. I would not be surprised if you has PCOS. Then you can just take a pill or even two pills.( if you have pcos there is one specific pill you can take to help) And if you dont get pg in a couple of months then you can try IUI and that is not too bad. I dont know what we would do if we had to go farther with infertility treatments.

  3. i love you no matter what. a family of 3 is much better than a family of 1. we are so very glad that we found you. you already are an amazing mother. please don't ever doubt this truth. how much sweeter will it be when that day arrives ;) we need to just be patient and grateful for that which we do have. thanks for all you do for us ;)