Thursday, March 22, 2012

Louisville, Kentucky

Last Thursday I left work early for a doctor appointment. After my appointment, Steve and I went to a book reading and signing for the new book by my mom's best friend, Ka Hancock "Dancing on Broken Glass." I had turned my phone off when I had my appointment and didn't turn it back on until after we were leaving the book signing, around 8:30. We were on our way to my parent's house (we had gotten Ka to sign a book for my mom and so we surprised her with it) and so I turned my phone back on so I could call my mom. When we got to my parent's house I noticed I had 3 texts from my boss asking me to call her.  I sent her a text saying my phone was off but I was available now.  A minute later my phone rang and it was my boss, Roxane.
Roxane explained that after I left work that day she had been called into our Medical Director's office and told that another plan with our company needed dire help in their Appeals Department and they were asking for volunteers to go there for 2 weeks. She wanted to give me a chance to discuss it with Steve and then give my answer to Willie (Manager) in the morning.
Steve and I discussed it, which was basically Steve telling me I should go. :)
I volunteered the next morning and so did one of my other co-workers. Willie asked if we were willing to go or we wanted to go. Both Cas and I wanted to go. He wrote on a small piece of paper "Utah" and "Kentucky" on the other and had us choose. I picked Kentucky, which meant I was going to Kentucky instead of staying in Utah.
My plane left Monday morning around 8:45 AM and I got to Denver around 10:30. Made it to my connecting flight, which left around 11 AM. I got to Kentucky around 3:45 (1:45 Utah time) and waited for a person from another plan to drive me to my hotel. I waited until almost 6 and then decided to take a cab - for my first time EVER! The cab trip was almost $40! and that is for about 13 miles from the airport to my hotel!
My hotel is an Embassy Suites (AWESOME place!!!!) and across the parking lot is the office I am working out of. I walked home from work last night and walked there this morning. After work I got a ride to the airport and rented a car for the weekend. I am going to be the only person from the other plans, who is staying the weekend and I didn't want to be stuck at the hotel all weekend, being bored. Now I get to explore Louisville, Kentucky!  --  Tomorrow after work of course.