Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A raise, a funeral, and a cute picture of Violet

Nothing much has gone on in our lives, except I got a raise which goes into effect as of the first paycheck of August, which is this Friday. I'm not sure of the exact amount because they only told me the amount more per year. It's a good raise and now it would be almost impossible to find another job paying anywhere close to the same and still have the great benefits I have. Not that I want another job or anything.
Steve and I are planning on moving to Ogden this October (if we can find a place to rent for a good price and in a good area too). When we move I'll have to take Frontrunner to Salt Lake, Trax to Sandy and a bus to South Jordan to get to work. There will be a few times I'll drive if I need the car for something. Since we are now a one car family (Steve sold his car to my dad) it makes it more difficult to do everything we both want to do. I've already taken the bus to Trax and then another bus to work a couple of times. Riding the bus is much more calming for me than driving in traffic. When I drive I get a little bit of road rage, when I ride the bus I read a book or listen to my Zune, which is much more calming than getting cut off in rush hour traffic going northbound on I-15. Right now it takes me about an hour and 20 minutes to get to work (when the bus is on time) and when we are in Ogden it will be more like 2 and a half hours, or more.
My step-son's grandmother died on Sunday. It was a heart attack and it was sudden. The viewing is tomorrow night and the funeral is on Thursday. Steve and I are going to the viewing tomorrow after I get off work. This woman used to be Steve's mother-in-law and will always be Hunter's Nana. I feel so bad for Hunter's mom, Brenda. She has lost both her father and mother in the past 10 years and she's only 28. My mom lost her dad when she was 29, but her mom didn't pass away until my mom was almost 46 years old. I could not imagine losing both of my parents before I was thirty. Of course since I am now 30 I don't have to worry about that.

Here's a picture of my older brother (Dustin), his wife (Mindi) and my niece (Violet). Dustin and Mindi are not Niolet's parents. Violet Aurora was born on August 20, 2007 to Paul (DJ) and Melissa Greager (my little sister, Missee). I love this picture and the way Violet is looking at Dustin.