Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun day in Huntsville

Steve, Hunter and I went with Steve's mom up to Eden this morning for the Farmer's Market. After we left there we went to Huntsville to get Subway for lunch. We took our sandwiches to a park in Huntsville where we ate our lunch and then watched Hunter (and Steve) play on the playground. We had a lot of fun.

Hunter climbing the slide at the park
Steve and Hunter posing on one of the HUGE tires partly buried in the ground

It looks like Steve was photo bombing this picture of Hunter, but this was how it was planned

Now it's Steve's turn to be on top of the tire. Hunter did ask if the tire was going to fall on him when Steve got on top of it. I explained that it was okay.

Right before we left we had a family picture, thanks to my mother-in-law Barbara who took this picture.
When we were leaving the park Steve realized that his wallet was gone. I suggested going to check at Subway first (since we were closer to Subway) and then check the park. Barbara suggested we check the park first and then Subway on the way home. We went back to the park and searched EVERYWHERE that we could think of and it was not there. I googled the phone number for the Huntsville Subway and called them to see if someone had turned in a wallet. They said they did have a wallet and were waiting for us to come back. I asked if it was Steven Schultz's wallet and the guy said it was. I knew I was right! We should have gone to the restaurant first so we could have gotten home faster.
Later on, we had dinner with Steve's brother, Brad, and his wife, Camille (Mille) and all of Camille's sisters (Michaella, Elise and Hannah), her parents (Mike and Cindy) and her Grandma (Grandma, sorry, that's all I know her as). We had delicious hamburgers, coleslaw, fresh corn on the cob, potato salad and frog eyed salad. For dessert we had a "deluxe chocolate pie" that Hunter and Grammy (Barbara) made and a Berry Cheesecake that Barbara had made.
As Mille's parents, siblings, and grandma were getting ready to leave, Hunter, Brad, Mille, Steve and Grammy decided to have their water fight and Mille's sisters joined in. It was a lot of fun to watch everyone throwing water balloons at each other, but next time I'm watching from inside. As soon as I came outside (with my camera to take pictures of the fight) Steve hit me with a water balloon. He is so lucky that he didn't hit my camera and that by hitting me with the balloon I didn't drop my camera.

Overall, it was a fun day.....but now I'm ready for bed.