Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Part of me is dreading Christmas. With Steve's hospitalizations in the past 2 years we owe money to the hospitals and doctors. We have to register our car in December also. I was hoping that I would get overtime since half my department is out on maternity leave (both left in October), but so far no overtime. If I don't get any overtime then we will most likely have a small Christmas for Hunter. If it wasn't for Hunter I wouldn't care, but I am afraid that he'll be upset that Santa came to his mom's house but not his dad's house.
I hate being broke!!!

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  1. Ditto and ILY. I refuse to believe Christmas will not happen for Hunter this year. Just have a little faith my friend, everything will be just fine. Christmas is about giving, sharing and spending time together as a family. All of which will happen and more my dear, mark my words. Remember who we are talking about here :) He would give everything he owns to see another child laugh and smile. He told me that he wants to give away all of his younger in age toys he has still so "they (other kids) can have Christmas toys to play with too." You know Hunter as well as I do honey. His stocking with a few toys, a little candy and don't forget a orange for the toe is surely enough by him. Two gifts from Santa & Mrs. Claus and one from us will be plenty. You know as well as I do, he isn't hard to please. He is such a loving, giving, grateful, sweet boy. Remember he has at least 5 families that will be playing a part in his Christmas morning, afternoon, evening and week. Stay positive and I am positive ours will be a wonderful Christmas for our little family this year. I am totally at peace with it honey. Hopefully being "broke" will help us be humble and appreciate everything we DO have ;) BTW, my job hunting begins again January 3rd. I need to provide as much as possible for us too! ILY Rae