Saturday, October 17, 2009

Long and busy day

Today Steve and I went to lunch and movie with my best friend, Andrea. We saw "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis. It was really good and we all liked it. Afterward we dropped Andrea off at her car and went to Dollar Tree to buy Halloween decorations. After that we went grocery shopping. When we got home we brought in the groceries and I started pulling the cold stuff out so Steve could put everything in the fridge and freezer. I put a heavy bag with cans of food on top of the stove so Steve could arrange them in the food storage the way he wanted it.

Steve was getting the last few cans out of the bag and he got a scared look on his face as he looked in the bottom of the grocery bag. I figured Steve found something like a dead bug and was going to scare me with it. Then he asked me to look at my wedding ring. This is what I saw:

My wedding ring had broken!!!! Luckily the "bug" I thought Steve was going to scare me with was actually my diamond.

We went to the mall to buy a temporary replacement (fake at "Icing by Claire's) and then bought me some new pants at Lane Bryant.

Hopefully my ring cn be repaired soon...I miss wearing it already.

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