Sunday, August 22, 2010


July 9th my brother-in-law married his eternal companion in the Bountiful Temple. They had their reception at the MTC park in Ogden, Utah. It was a beautiful day - but VERRRRRYYYY hot, and the whole day was wonderful. After the pictures at the temple that morning (they married at 9) we went back to my in-law's house. Eric and Britney (Bride and Groom) stayed at the temple taking more pictures. At 1 we went to the Timbermine Restaurant for the luncheon. We had BBQ chicken and baked potatoes. It was delicious. Then we went back to my in-laws again where I tried to take a nap and only was able to sleep for about 30 minutes. 
The colors were a bright orange (their father's wore tuxes with orange vest and ties and the brothers (and in-laws) of the bride and groom wore white shirts with black slacks and orange ties), neon pink (all the sisters (and in-laws) of the bride and groom), and lime green (Eric's vest on his tux was in that color and Britney had a sash in that color around her waist). It was so pretty!
They had a photo booth at the entrance of the park. The idea was that you were to get your picture taken in the booth and then they gave you two copies. One went onto a black page that was for their sign in book and the other one was for you to keep. It was the cutest idea for a sign in book I've ever heard of. They had gel pens that you could use to sign the page you put the picture on. 
When we first got to the reception we took more pictures. It was so hot, and even though we were in the shade taking pictures, it was difficult to handle. When we were done with pictures I was walking toward the table and chairs so I could sit down and have something to drink and I walked past the sound system and heard the song by Rascall Flatts "I Melt" and I agreed with the song. I was melting. The refreshments were Lofthouse pink iced cookies and pink, orange and green sherbet. The sherbet was really nice in the heat. 
Once the sun started to set it was much cooler and easier to handle being outside. 
The new Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schultz leaving the Temple.
Cute couple
Britney's parents, Eric & Britney, and Dale and Barbara Schultz all kissing for the camera.
All of the Schultz family except for Carrie's husband Tim and all the grandsons
The groom's parents (Dale and Barbara - my in-laws), the Groom and Bride and the Bride's parents at the luncheon
Back of Britney's dress
The front of Britney's dress
The Schultz's at the reception
The cake
My niece Violet came to the reception with my mom and my sister (no pictures of either of them since they didn't want their pictures taken)
My coursage
Britney in the car as Eric is getting in and they are off for their wedding night at the Alaskan Inn and the next day they were off to Florida for a week.

It was a beautiful wedding and I am so happy that Eric was able to marry his eternal companion. Now all of Steve's siblings are married. Carrie and Tim married on April 5, 2006, Steve and I married in September 20, 2006. Lisa and Cody married in May 30, 2008; Brad and Camille married in June 11, 2008. Now Eric and Britney married on July 9, 2010. That's five kids married in four years.

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