Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stressed doesn't even begin to cover how I'm feeling right now.....

I am getting so stressed at work. My department has four Analysts (which I am one) and one Supervisor. Two of my co-workers are pregnant and due a week apart. That day is fast approaching. Patti has scheduled her appointment to be induced on October 19th. Cas is due on October 17th, but I have no idea if she has scheduled her appointment yet. When they both go out on Maternity leave it will be just Barbara and I and unless we get overtime I will go bonkers!

Steve and I just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary! We went to Castle Creek Bed and Breakfast in Sandy Utah. It was awesome. We stayed in the Canterbury suite and even though it was one of the smaller rooms it was wonderful. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then went back to Castle Creek. We wanted to be able to stay in each of the 10 rooms by our 5th anniversary, but we still have 2 rooms to go and I doubt we will be able to go as often as we have in the past. We may not be able to go back to Castle Creek for awhile. Not because we don't love the place. We do! I love giving it free publicity and I tell everyone I know about it. We may not be able to go since it costs so much for one night and we need to pay off some bills.

It only took us about 18 months to get the bill with Lakeview Hospital worked out. When Steve was admitted to Lakeview at the end of 2008 he was there for over 2 weeks. The insurance denied the last few days, but as per their contract with the hospital, we were only responsible for our copay/deductible/coinsurance for those denied days. Lakeview sent us a bill shortly after he got home for over $8,000! Then we tried to show the hospital that we only owed about $1,000. They eventually said we owed over $12,000! I worked with the insurance company (luckily I work for the medical insurance and have contacts at the Mental Health insurance) and we finally got a bill showing we only owe $880! Steve called them and asked if we can pay it in installments. We now pay less than $80 a month and in one year we will have that paid off. It will make us so happy to have that over and done with. 

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