Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair, tv, polygamy....and life

I am a head sweater. That does not mean that my head is shaped like a sweater or my hair looks like a sweater. When I sleep at night, if it's too hot, I sweat and my hair gets and sweaty and gross. My mom tells me it's from her side of the family. Darn them! 

Now my head is sweating when I get hot and I'm not sleeping. I absolutely hate it when I take the time and energy to straighten my naturally curly hair and then I start sweating from my head and my hair starts going curly. I HATE IT!!!!

On the topic of hating my hair...I also sometimes have polygamous hair. At least my bangs. Sometimes if I let my hair air dry my bangs go into a style similar to what you see the "typical" sister wife and the daughters do with their hair. 

Does this secretly mean that I was meant to be a sister wife? Steve can handle me most of the time, but if he got another wife I doubt he could handle both of us! I can barely handle myself sometimes. I don't think I would be well suited to be the first (or second, third, etc.) wife of a polygamous. I have a little too much jealousy in me and I would be green with envy with thoughts of the other wives spending time with my husband.

We just switched from Comcast to Direct Tv. We used to have Direct Tv when we lived in Bountiful and Ogden but when we moved to Sandy we decided to change since we had to go through a different company (middle man) to set up Direct Tv here and they wanted to charge us a $200 installation fee. We changed to Comcast and got an awesome deal. Well, the Comcast 1 year deal expired this month and our price doubled. DOUBLED? Yes! We went from $85 a month to $170 a month. Steve called and asked what the best deal was and they said with a lower internet speed (we had tv and internet through them) and only basic cable channels it would still be $145 a month. Direct Tv gave us a free install, $75 a month for 6 months for satellite and Qwest DSL and in 6 months the price rises only about $25. 
The guy is here right now installing our Direct Tv. Now I have to program this DVR with all my shows that I want to record. At least most of my shows aren't showing new episodes yet.


  1. we all have to admit, i am a Maurer. i am a sweater, a head sweater. there i said it.

  2. I have a sweater head too....HAHAA I am part Maurer and I have inherited that gene