Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I really need to stop watching TLC's "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant"

Late last month I was having symptoms of pregnancy and so I waited to miss my period so I could take a test and find out for sure. Then my period started and I was a little let down. I so want to be pregnant but alas, not yet.

Then I watched a few episodes of TLC's "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" and it REALLY confused me. Many of the women on the show still had their "period" while pregnant and didn't have any other symptoms. One of the girls even took a pregnancy test that should have been positive but was not. The only excuse that have for that she may have taken the test very late in the day - which could show a false negative. They said the first morning urine is the best to use since it has the most hormones in it.

What if I was currently six months pregnant and not know it? I could just imagine calling my boss, Roxane, and telling her that I can't come in to work today since I just had a baby! I would think that any boss would think the person was lying to get out of working that day. It would be easier to call in dead. ;) It's funny that sometimes on that show the girl has to call her husband/boyfriend/sperm donor to let them know she just had their baby. Calling their family would be very entertaining. I wish I could listen in to those calls.

I can just imagine if someone close to me called to tell me that they just gave birth and they had no clue they were pregnant. If they had no symptoms and didn't gain any weight so you wouldn't think of them being pregnant.

It's an entertaining show though. You should watch it some time.

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