Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm a little pissed....

At my work, just outside the office on the second, third and fourth floors are these notice boards. They post the open positions, any news that the company feels that we need to know and some different things that give interesting information on different things. I noticed yesterday they have a new notice on the board that is to inform everyone to keep a good look out for anyone in the work area that doesn't belong. It says: "There have been times at other workplaces where people suffering from delusions and other types of mental illnesses have wreaked havoc through threats and violent acts including multiple homicides. They sometimes appear anxious, paranoid or in a rage. Other times they may appear calm and look perfectly normal."

WHAT THE HECK??????????????

I am so ticked off about this notice. They make it seem like everyone with a mental illness is dangerous and capable of murder. I know a lot of people who have mental illnesses, and I mean A LOT, and none of them are dangerous. Even if they have paranoia it doesn't make them violent. Many people with mental illnesses actually withdraw from the world and are the least likely people to become violent.


People need to become educated on mental illness. Yeah some people with mental illnesses can become violent, but saying most of them are is like saying "All criminals are guilty" or "All Blondes are dumb". That simply is not true and I wish people would get more involved with learning about mental illness and stop being so scared of it.
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