Friday, February 20, 2009

The weekend is FINALLY here

Steve gets to come home for an overnight visit tomorrow! I am so excited, I just wish that he was coming home for good, but I know that he's not ready t come home yet. Soon, but not yet.

I had dinner at Roosters with Brad, Camille, Barbara, Carrie, Tim and Daniel. It was really nice and I had a lot of fun with them. I just wish Steve could have been there. Daniel is so cute, he kept asking for a cheeseburger and then when he finally got it he ate the pickles and a few fries. He's over 2 years old, but he looks and talks like he's 3 years old.

Our Christmas tree is still up and I'm thinking Steve and I will take it down on Sunday. I wanted to keep it up until Steve came home and we could have Christmas with Hunter but I think it's time for it to come down. I'll miss the tree but it's time.
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  1. I still have my nightmare before christmas tree up. My dad gets after me about it every time I go over there.