Monday, February 23, 2009

24...and more

My parents and sister are OBSESSED with 24. I would like to get involved in watching it is TOOOOOO intense to handle. My parents and sister are watching the show right now and it's really intense. I could not handle watching this every week. I would have to watch the entire season in one sitting. I don't think that I would even be able to take a bathroom break.

I've got my mom and sister to watch Charmed! Missee already liked it but my mom resisted. We finally got her to watch the show and she's actually kind of enjoying it so far. We are currently in the middle of the third season. Only half a season left before Prue dies....... I really didn't like the character of Prue as much as Phoebe and Piper. I love the show though, and wish it wasn't over.

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