Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy day

Today was a busy day. We started out getting on Trax to Spring Mobile Ballpark for NAMIWalks for the Mind of America. Steve, Hunter and some other members of my family walked the 5K today. I was not able to because of my sprained ankle (I need to go to physical therapy but.....I don't go). It was a lot of fun and it was awesome seeing so many people there who wanted to help out NAMI's yearly fundraiser. After Steve and Hunter got back we left and got back onto Trax for the ride home, well the ride to the Trax station where we left the car. Steve had heard about Granite Furniture having a sale on Microfiber couches for $299! We went and looked and ended up buying one! We haven't had a couch since we moved out of our place in Ogden. Steve put it out on the front curb with a sign saying "Free" on it. It was gone within 18 hours!

It has been a difficult time living here without a couch. Whenever we have guests over we had to use the kitchen chairs and the computer chair. Not the best for when we had more than just us here. I never thought I would be so excited about having a couch! Granite told us that they could deliver it by 5 pm TODAY!!! Well they got here about 4 and we now have a couch!!!!!! It's sad that something like a couch would make me so happy, but then again getting a new Barbie doll when I was little was something really exciting. Because of the protectant they put on the couch for us we can't sit on it for a few hours so we're going to go see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"! What a fun day today has been!

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