Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My mom has to get rid of her dog Humphrey and she's having a really hard time with it.
Last Saturday my mom was in the kitchen while Hailey, Jaxon and Violet were in a nearby room with the guinea pigs that belong to my mom and Violet. Humphrey (mom's dog) was let into the room after being outside and went towards the guinea pig's cage. He started digging at the cage and trying to get to the guinea pigs and he was very determined to get them out of their cage. Jaxon picked Humphrey up to move him so they could move the cages out of his way and Humphrey just snapped and attacked Jax. He bit him on the top of his head and Jaxon was putting Humphrey down while he was being bit. My mom got there right after Jaxon had out Humphrey down and found his head covered in blood (head wounds bleed BAD). Jax was crying and upset so he yelled at the dog. Mindi came upstairs and found out what happened. She cleaned Jax's wound after they had stopped the bleeding. Then she used scissors and cut Jax's hair around the wound (only after Dustin cut his hair first since Jax didn't want to). When they took Jax to the ER the ER docs complimented Mindi on how well she cleaned the wound and thanked her for cutting his hair since the biggest problem the ER has in those situations is having to cut kids hair to do stiches.

Even though Humphrey has never done anything like this, even when Violet (as a 2 year old usually does) tortures him. My mom realized that she can't risk having something like this happen again with Humphrey and since her grandkids are more important to her (which they should be) she should get rid of her dog. She also told B.J. he needed to get rid of his dog (Ogre a LARGE pit bull) when he (accidently) bit BJ.

The really sad thing is that the next day when Minid was taking Jax to buy him a new game she found him sitting next to Humphrey's kennel talking to Humphrey and apologizing for yelling at him. He told his mom that he feels bad for yelling at Humphrey since he didn't know any better.

If we could afford the pet deposit and extra pet rent per month we would take Humphrey to our place. He needs to go to a home with no other animals, except maybe a female dog. He doesn't do well with male dogs or other small animals.

I just want to cry for my mom. She really loves this dog and she'll be sad when he's gone.

I know that Violet will miss "Humphee" too. She chases him around the house calling him either Humphee of Humvee, not sure which.

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