Monday, September 21, 2009

Anniversary weekend

This past weekend was wonderful. First, Steve and I went to Sizzler on Friday night, as the beginning of our Anniversary weekend. It was a good dinner, but we were both stuffed. Steve kept trying to get me to open my anniversary gifts from him and amazingly enough I resisted! Normally I'm the same, trying to give people their gifts early, but I was able to resist.

We woke up early Saturday morning (Steve woke up and he kind of woke me up) and exchanged gifts. Steve didn't like the $1 Spiderman watch that I gave him. At least he loved the (much nicer) Coleman watch I also got for him. I guess Hunter will have a new watch now ;) Steve loved the photo book I made for him at It was really cool.

Steve gave me a new backpack, a really nice one. He also gave me an alarm clock (which I did ask for). That might sound like the most unromantic gifts someone can give to their wife but he had one more gift for me. He booked us a room at Castle Creek Bed and Breakfast for Saturday night! We stayed in the "Garden Suite" and it was beautiful and wonderful!

We went to lunch at Texas Roadhouse, it was awesome food - I LOVE THEIR ROLLS!!! Then Steve and I went to see "The Time Traveler's Wife" and I cried at the end (I'm such a softy that I cry over almost everything). After the movie was over we were able to check into our room at Castle Creek.

The next morning (which was our actual anniversary) we got ready, had a wonderful breakfast at Castle Creek, went to church, went to a BBQ at my grandparent's house, then went to my parent's house to hang out with them for a bit, then finally we were able to go home.

It was a wonderful weekend and I can't believe that Steve and I have been married for 3 years already! We've surpassed how long Steve and his ex-wife were married. They were basically married from December 2001 until September 2003 when they separated. Even though their divorce was not final until 2005 their marriage was basically over in September 2003.

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