Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can't think of a title right now

I've been working way too much lately. I miss being home with my husband and our two kitties. I've been working all the overtime I can handle, which some weeks has been more than 10 hours. The money's really nice and there is plenty of work to do. I hate feeling so behind in my work so that helps me handle a lot of overtime sometimes.

Steve and I are trying to have a baby but I've realized that if I get pregnant in August we will have our baby in May, and that's just a bad month for my family. First you have my birthday on the 5th, my step-son's birthday on the 9th, Mother's Day, my brother, Dustin' birthday on the 18th, his son Jaxon's on the 21st, my sister-in-law Carrie's on the 24th. Then poor Mindi (Dustin's wife) has her mom's birthday on the 11th. May is too full, so if I'm not pregnant by the end of July, hopefully I won't get pregnant until September. I realized that if I hadn't miscarried I would be about 6 months pregnant right now. There are 3 girls from my work that are all pregnant and due around the time I was. Sometimes it's sad to see these girls and their expanding bellies and remember that it could have been me. Most of the time I am just really happy for them and excited to hear about their pregnancies.

I have been so tired lately, I'm not sure my CPAP has been working that well. I have my routine exam coming up and I may mention to my doctor about that. I also think I may have diabetes, like my dad. I was diagnosed with pre-metabolic syndrome, which is basically pre-diabetes. I really need to get in shape, and eat healthier so I can lose some weight. It will make it easier on my body, when I get pregnant, to lose a lot of weight.

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