Tuesday, August 25, 2009


As a preface to my next entry I have to apologize to everyone who reads this that loves or lives in Portland.

I HATE PORTLAND!!!!! I have had a bad relationship with Oregon for most my life, mostly Portland.

In the 90's my best friend and her family moved to Tillamook, Oregon.

Then about 5 - 10 years ago my mom's cousin Sharon and her family moved to Portland. I was really close with Sharon and used to babysit for her and her husband all the time. I would drive by just to visit with Sharon all the time, which was easy when she lived in Sandy. Portland is a bit of a drive.

At the end of May some really close friends of ours (Steve and I), who also happen to be Steve's cousin, Cheryl, and her husband , Mitch, moved to Portland also.

My best friend, Andrea, always talks about moving to Portland since her mom lives there and also she loves it there.

Now Portland has began stalking me! For Mothers Day Steve and Hunter got me a gift card to Deseret Book. When I went to use it they had their discount Lagoon ticket promotion if you bought specific items. I bought a Rachel Ann Nunes (one of my favorite LDS authors) book that would give us 3 tickets to Lagoon (we did use them and had a lot of fun with Hunter). When I started reading the book I realized it was about a girl who was moving to.......PORTLAND!!!!

If anyone talks to Portland, can you please ask it to leave me alone and return all my friends and loved ones it has stolen from me?


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