Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I promised my friend Sam I'd update

I've been so busy lately with vacations (Bear Lake and Camping at Tanners Flat in Little Cottonwood Canyon) , working overtime, and getting ready to move.
We are finally moving closer to my work! We weren't planning on moving so soon, but our landlord let us out of our lease early. We were able to find a two bedroom two bathroom apartment in Sandy about 1.5 miles from my work. I am happy about the move but I will hate to leave the neighborhood, ward and my in-laws. I currently live about a mile away from my in-laws and it's awesome being so close to them so we can go over as often as we like. I will miss that but I wont miss the over one hour commute everyday to work and the over an hour and a half commute on the way home.
I hate moving and wish I could pay someone to come and pack us up and move us all in to our new place. There are companies that do that but unfortunately they charge way too much money. I will be SOOOO happy when we finally settle in to our new place.

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